Complete Business Solutions

Global Advantage is perfectly positioned to provide your organization with everything you need to successfully establish and grow your business in Kuwait and throughout the Gulf Region. Our complete business solution package includes, but is not limited to, the following services:

*    Spearheading the local implementation of your business strategy as it relates to navigating the government approvals process and promoting your business to relevant government agencies and private sector organizations.

*    Initiating discussions with government departments, local businesses and financiers essential to ensuring the successful implementation of your project(s).

*    Acting as local contact point for coordinating and completing the documentation required by various government departments and agencies.

*    Arranging and coordinating meetings designed to introduce your organization and/or project(s) to appropriate Kuwaiti Government officials.

*    Developing localized presentation materials and drafting messaging and related documents that are relevant and appropriate for local audiences.

*    Aiding in drafting responses to specific project-related questions posed by government authorities.

*    Developing conceptual plans and pre-feasibility studies to determine the preliminary economic viability of your project(s).

*    Collaborating on establishing the initial scope of your project(s), including but not limited to: location, preliminary capital required and initial operating costs.

*    Determining, in concert with your executive team, the feasibility of successfully structuring the project(s), including obtaining government approvals, proposing possible development sites, identifying potential local investment partners.

*    Structuring joint development agreements and other documentation necessary to legally establish a project locally.

*    Providing knowledge of the local market, industry and standard operating costs.
Kuwaiti Sponsorship Solutions
Global Advantage is licensed to act in the capacity of Agent/Sponsor and/or as Representative Office for international firms looking to establish a footprint in Kuwait. We are experienced acting as local sponsor for large-scale development and investment projects. Currently we fill this role for a number of global leaders in the construction industry. Foreign individuals and/or corporations, except GCC nationals, are not permitted to carry on commercial activities in Kuwait except through a commercial agent/sponsor. Only Kuwaiti individuals, and/or firms may act as commercial agents/sponsor in Kuwait.

All arrangements between a foreign entity and its local agent/sponsor are governed by Articles 260 to 296 of the Commercial Code. Organizations operating under sponsorship from Global Advantage are guided through the complex process of doing business in Kuwait, while being protected from potentially unanticipated difficulties. Simultaneously, firms sponsored by Global Advantage are often presented with exclusive opportunities to participate in projects that our brought to our attention.

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